10 Suitcase Packing Hacks To Live By

10 Suitcase Packing Hacks To Live By

It’s the time of year when many of us are heading off on holiday, but before we do, the stress of packing can seem a little overwhelming. Take a moment to read through our clever suitcase packing hacks which we hope will make life pre-holiday a little easier.

Suitcase Packing Hacks

Choose Light Luggage

First and most importantly, choose a lightweight suitcase or backpack. Heavier luggage weighs more than you’ll realise and with luggage limits tightening on most airlines, it’s vital to keep an eye on what you start with. Also, choose luggage that is the size you need, don’t be tempted to get a case that’s too big because you’re more likely to fill it and go over your luggage limit.

Keep a Packing Checklist

It might seem a little uptight to plan everything out but it genuinely helps avoid any pre-departure panics and also makes it clear whether you’re overpacking at all. List out your essentials, check them off when you pack and you’ll feel more comfortable including extra items at the last minute.

Use Luggage Storage

Packing cubes are the perfect space savers. These light weight luggage separators allow you to pack your possessions in a more compact and compressed way, better using your suitcase space and keeping items together for when you arrive. How nice to have a little extra room in your luggage for the return journey not to mention the ease of lifting your luggage cubes into the wardrobe when you arrive and knowing exactly where everything is? If you have a few connecting flights or you’re hopping around between locations, this technique will really come into it’s own.

Heavy To the Bottom

Try and position your heavy items (shoes, chargers, books etc.) to the bottom of your suitcase, near the wheels to prevent it tipping over. If you’re using a backpack, heavy pieces to the bottom and the items you’ll want to access most frequently, to the top. You can streamline your luggage weight even more if you travel wearing your heaviest pair of shoes.

Extra Bag

It’s worth investing in a light day bag with small compartments for day-to-day use. Pack it to travel, use it when you’re out and about and it can also double as an extra piece of luggage for souvenirs or separating laundry on your way home.

Roll Don’t Fold

The jury is out between bundling, compression bags, folding, or rolling clothes, but our vote firmly goes to the roll technique. It leaves your clothes with the fewest wrinkles and saves space if you roll smaller items within larger ones.

Plan Your Outfits

Channel your inner fashion blogger and lay out all of your outfits at once. Choose items that can be mixed and matched with each other and make sure that every piece has a partner, there’s no point in bringing a pair of shoes you absolutely love if you don’t have an outfit to wear them with. Be strict, choose climate and culturally appropriate outfits that you know are comfortable, that you can wash if necessary, and that are versatile with the other items in your suitcase.

Zip Lock

Do not underestimate the power of zip locks. Pack a few in a range of sizes. You will be glad you did. Use them for toiletries in case of leakage, to prevent necklaces from tangling, larger ones to separate laundry or wet swim wear, or to keep your phone and keys safe on the beach.

Separate Flight Essentials

Prepare a little pouch with all the items you’ll want to access on the flight. Include headphones, a toothbrush, your tablet, a snack, and keep it at the top of your hand luggage to grab as you settle down for the trip.


Why not use your packing and vacation time as a way to streamline your usual regime. Whether you pare back your makeup routine, abandon the hair straighteners or leave your laptop at home, it’s nice sometimes to allow yourself a time to disconnect and ease off from your daily agenda, not to mention lighten your packing load.

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