2019 New Year’s Resolutions you might just be able to keep!

2019 New Year’s Resolutions you might just be able to keep!

New Year’s Resolutions you might just be able to keep!

We’ve all made the big New Year’s resolutions that don’t quite pan out (think cutting out sugar, going to the gym every day, getting 12 hours of sleep a night, you know the ones!). Falling at the first hurdle is not the most motivating, so this year we’ve decided instead to try a few small but significant changes that we hope we’ll be able to stick to for a bit longer. Manageable, bite-sized change that, if we can keep up for a couple of months, will hopefully become habits that we hang on to.

Get Outside

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for 10 minutes or 2 hours, stepping outside, breathing in the fresh air and taking a break from your daily norm can do wonders for our happiness levels. Just giving yourself a moment away from the normal pressures of your day is incredibly important and can perk you up more than any coffee could.

Cut Down Screens

Most parents will be trying to encourage little ones to limit their screen time, but if we’re honest, all of us could do with a little bit of digital detox. To make it manageable, we plan to move our most distracting apps (Facebook, Instagram, Email) to the second or third page of our phone so that we don’t see them on opening up the phone. Cutting down 5-10 minutes per day of the mindless Instagram rabbit-hole, or not feeling compelled to respond to emails at every hour of the day can soon make a difference.  A big win can be simply turning off your social media notifications, thereby cutting out the relentless red dot calling for your attention.

Look After the Pennies

Making grand gestures to save every month is wonderful, if you can, and if you can keep that up. However if that seems beyond you, looking after the pennies might be more your speed. Many banks now offer a ‘piggy bank service’ where you can opt into rounding up purchases to the nearest pound so that at the end of each day you’ve saved a little bit. And at the end of the week, a little more. Just think what you might be able to save by the end of the year!

Random Acts of Kindness

Don’t think of it as an obligation every day, more something to aim for, when you can. There are so many unique kindness ideas that you can do without dedicating much time or effort. Letting someone into the queue ahead of you, paying for your colleague’s coffee when you know they’d had a tough week or giving your seat up on the bus. It doesn’t matter how small, it will make a difference and the more you do them, the better you’ll feel.

Forget Multi-Tasking

We’re all about single task. Our new approach is to do one thing and do it well. Solo tasking means we’re totally focused on effectiveness rather than doing several things to a low level. Try switching off emails for 30 minutes to get that report delivered, you’ll be amazed how much more efficient you’ll be.

Abbey Insurance Brokers

Whatever your plans for 2019, Abbey are here to offer you advice and help to ensure your year is as organised and stress-free as possible.  Let us take the strain out of finding your next insurance deal by searching our panel of insurers to save you time and money.  Please give one of our experienced Abbey Insurance Brokers advisors a call on 08000 66 55 44 or request a callback.

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