2020 Home Interior Trends

2020 Home Interior Trends

2020 Home Interior Trends

Home Interiors 2020

2020 has arrived and if spending some time on home design is on your list of New Year’s ‘to do’s’ then read on. We’ve rounded up some 2020 home interior trends (as well as a few that are on their way out), to make your home improvement plans a little easier.

Start With Colour

Grey is out (*sharp intake of breath*). After years of monotone greys in many of our homes, it’s finally time to say farewell to these chilly shades. Instead, welcome in all the earth tones. Think terracotta, burnt sienna, ochre, tan, everything warm, welcoming, and earthy. You might want to integrate the shades through paint colours or fabrics but if you’re nervous about taking too much of a departure from naturals, try injecting some of these colours through soft furnishings, ceramics or ornaments instead. If bold and warm is not for you, used some muted pinks, baby blues or light mint as accent shades instead.

Think Texture

The feeling of 2020 interiors is warm and welcoming, so texture is big. From bouclé to tapestry, suede to velvet, all kinds of textures are in. Even if all you go for is some upholstered stitching detail or textured tableware, finding ways to inject this feeling of everyday luxury will give your decor a homely feel. Our favourite method is to use a textured fabric on a footstool or throw cushion, not enough of a statement that you might regret it, but enough to realise why you want it in your room.

Bring Nature In

Step away from the shiny and mirrored, from the sparse and minimal and open the door to all things natural. Integrating woods and resins into home decor and relying on natural fabrics and finishes to pull a room together, this is one of our favourites. It’s a trend that anyone can bring into their home by simply adding a couple of house plants, a bowl of shells, a vase of twisty willow stems with some fairy lights to lighten up a dark corner or even some potted bulbs to enjoy inside. No big space or budgets required, just switching man-made for natural where you can.

Sociable Spaces

Open up your ‘good room’ and rethink the layout of your former dining space, our homes are set to get a lot more sociable in 2020. Combining spaces, using rooms for multi purpose and generally making ‘shared’ spaces ‘sociable’ spaces is where it’s at. You can look out for more upholstery and soft seating (farewell wooden dining chairs) and a mix of old and new to encourage people to feel at home and relaxed in these spaces.

Layering Old and New

We’re moving away from the ‘modern’ or the ‘classic’ style of interiors and instead looking forward to homeowners integrating aspects of vintage in their interiors. Starting with a traditional room and injecting some modern colour schemes, some vintage furniture and some modern lighting would be a good example of this. Adding a travel souvenir in beside your favourite framed art, kids photography or family heirloom, and ignoring rules of what ‘goes’ and what doesn’t, means that you can inject your personality into the room in a very unique way.

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