8 Ways to Baffle the Burglar

8 Ways to Baffle the Burglar

While we hope that you never have to use your Abbey Home Insurance, over the past two years, domestic burglaries have shown an upwards trend. Which is why it’s vital you secure your home and up your game when it comes to your home security measures.

As Christmas looms, the issue becomes even more pertinent. Dark evenings, busy social calendars, and, not to mention, the sheer volume of valuables in your home means the festive period is a highly prosperous time for opportunistic thieves. By taking some small measures, you could significantly reduce your chances of falling victim to a home burglary.

8 Ways to Secure your Home

1. Let’s start with the front door. Is your lock fully secure? The current British standard is BS3621. These maximum-security locks are built to the highest quality and even the appearance of them can deter potential intruders.

2. An alarm is always recommended. The Home Office recently interviewed imprisoned burglars and 84% of them said they would not willingly enter a building where a working alarm was fitted.

3. Use curtains or blinds to conceal your valuable goods, particularly TVs and laptops/tablets. Leaving your windows bare will only create unnecessary temptation.

4. Consider caging your letter box on the inside. Increasingly, burglars are using makeshift rods with strong magnets to “fish” out your keys.

5. Get a dog or, if you don’t want a friendly pooch, a “Beware of the dog” sign. Their bark might be worse than their bite, but nothing deters intruders more than coming face to face with the family pet.

6. Do not post the likes of “So excited to be away on holidays for two weeks” on social media. You are, effectively, advertising that the house is unoccupied.

7. Consider investing in a safe for your valuables or why not hide valuable items, such as jewellery, in a less conventional place? The top drawer of your dresser is one obvious place for would-be thieves to look.

8. Keep outside well-lit, or use a security light. The sensor will notify you if someone is lurking around outside.

While this list is non-exhaustive, we hope we’ve given you some useful tips on how to further secure your home.

Don’t make it easy – baffle the burglar!

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