8 Steps to Great Value Car Insurance

8 Steps to Great Value Car Insurance

Car insurance can be expensive, and yet many people pay more than they need to. Here are eight ways to ensure your car insurance renewal price is as pleasing as possible!

8 Valuable Car Insurance Tips

1. Use a local broker (like Abbey) who shop around for the best deals

Always challenge us to beat your renewal quote! If anything else, your circumstances may have changed and because we shop around each year, we may be able to beat your renewal quote. For car insurance, Abbey Insurance search from a range of insurance companies and negotiate great deals on your behalf. Oh, and we know the NI market pretty well too- we’ve been here for over 40 years!

2. Protect that no-claims bonus

The cheapest car insurance quotes will invariably favour low risk drivers, so look to protect your no claims bonus once you’ve accrued at least five years’ worth of no claims. The slight price premium to protect it will be worthwhile in the longer run.

3. Don’t put everyone on your policy

It can be tempting to add various family members to your car insurance policy for maximum usage flexibility – but you may find that the cost of your quotes rise as a result. Be mindful of who you add – and consider their age, history and risk factors.

4. Do fewer miles

The more miles you drive, the more you’ll pay to insure your car. Be as accurate as possible when estimating your mileage for a quote.

5. Take a higher excess

Experiment with different levels of voluntary excess to see the effect on your premium. The difference can be significant, and many drivers prefer the lower policy price – especially if they have a low or no claims history.

6. Secure your car

Again, a low risk car is a cheaper car to insure. Store your car in a garage or off the road if possible, and take the necessary steps to ensure it is safe.

7. Watch out for insurance trap cars

When it comes to car insurance, Northern Ireland can be expensive, so don’t buy cars which are particularly fast, rare, vintage, modified or known to be easy to break into if you want a competitive premium. If you are thinking of buying a new car, contact Abbey to find out what sort of price you’d be looking at to insure it.

8. Don’t pay for costly extras you don’t need.

At Abbey, we provide you with a policy that meets your individual needs by having a range of optional extras for you to choose from including breakdown cover, legal expense, GAP insurance, key care etc. We don’t think it’s fair making you pay for cover that you don’t need.

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