A Clean Car – how to guide!

A Clean Car – how to guide!

A Clean Car – how to guide!

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We all know how easy it is for cars to become dirty – rubbish piles up, pet hairs inhabit every corner and it becomes a treasure trove for loose change.

Follow our guide to give your car that ‘brand-new’ feeling.

Car Clean Out

Before you get too excited with the cleaning products, it’s best to throw out all the junk that has been building up in your car first. Don’t forget to take out all of your valuables and put everything back in its place – you might actually find belongings you thought were lost or you had entirely forgotten about!

Car Mats

Car mats tend to be the dirtiest so it’s a good idea to start on these first – remove them from your car and shake them out as much as possible. Once they’re removed, you can then hoover them and scrub gently with soap and water – this will loosen any grime between the grooves. But don’t forget to let them completely dry off before putting them back in place.


Push the seats all the way back and hoover in underneath them, and then repeat with the seats all the way forward.

Then move on to the pedals, side door panels, and gear stick. Do the same with the backseats an

It’s now time to grab a rag or cleaning wipes to remove all the dirt and dust that has built up in your car’s front panel. You can also spray a car-specific cleaner over the console, and steering wheel – according to a recent study, a steering wheel can be four times dirtier than a toilet seat!


It’s easy to forget the amount of dirt that can accumulate on the inside of windows but by using a window cleaner and some paper towels, your windows will gleam…. from the inside anyway!

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