Are You Guilty of Fronting?

Are You Guilty of Fronting?

What is Fronting?

Fronting is when a driver offers to reduce an insurance price for someone else by declaring themselves as the main driver when they aren’t. Typically, a driver will declare themselves as the main driver and put a younger driver down as a named driver to help cut costs.

The process is commonly used by parents who buy their son or daughter their first car after passing their driving test.

Is It Legal?

Younger drivers tend to pay a lot more for car insurance than older or lower risk drivers. This is due to higher claims ratio and higher claims costs. So the process of fronting does seem like an appealing way to reduce costs, but the reality is, it’s fraud!

Fronting is described as a type of insurance fraud that could see you prosecuted if caught. In fact, if found out your policy could be left void which means in the event of an accident the named driver could be liable for any costs. Making a claim on a fronted policy could result in your claim being rejected.

Irrespective of trying to help others get on the road, insurance fraud is not the answer. It is illegal which means the main driver or named driver could find themselves in court. You could even be left with a criminal record which will impact any future insurance applications.

Young Driver Car Insurance

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