Bluffers Guide to Golf

Bluffers Guide to Golf

Bluffers Guide to Golf

bluffers guide to golf

Over the next few weeks, everybody here is going to be talking about golf with The Open Championship taking place on the North Coast. But what if you don’t have a clue, have never played and you wouldn’t know a putter from a sand wedge even if your life depended on it. So, let us help you to very swiftly acquire all the golfing smarts you need and behave like you’re out on the back 9 every weekend. Work your way through our bluffers guide to golf and you’ll be perfectly positioned for your hole in one.

From clubs to caddies, you need to know your way around the basics of the golf language.


You’ll need a few extra snippets of golf language just to keep up to speed with the convo on the course. Here are our basics:

Ace: A hole in one
Birdie: Playing a hole in one under par
Albatross: Playing a hole in three strokes under par
Bogey: Playing a hole in one stroke over par
Eagle: Playing a hole in two shots under par
Bunker: Large sand pits that you’ll find throughout the course. To be avoided!
Caddie: An experienced golfer that carries a player’s bag round and offers advice on what club to use and how to play a hole
Chip: A short shot often played when you’re near to the green
Drive: The first and normally longest shot take on a hole
Fairway: The well-kept lawn that runs from the tee to the green
Fore: Hopefully one you already know, a word shouted at other golfers to warn them of a ball flying close by
Green: A beautifully tended piece of lawn where the hole is found
Hakker: A player who often plays very badly. Not a golfing goal!
Hazard: A bunker or water located on the course that makes play an extra challenge.
Par: The score a good player would expect to make on a hole or round
Rough: Tall grass on the edge of the fairways. Another one to steer clear of.
Tee: A small plastic or wooden peg that you push into the ground and put your ball onto to get started.

Hitting the course for real…

If your friends have really been bitten by the bug and want you to actually come out and play with them, the key here is not to look like you’ve tried too hard. Some basic attire rules:

• No jeans. Khakis of any colour work best (go red for golf old school).
• Colour is king. You can get away with almost any colour on the golf course, although think block colours not big patterns. Brights are celebrated and you can even go full on matchy-matchy if you’re feeling confident.
• Golf shoes are a must, borrow some if you don’t have your own.
• Waterproofs. Pack them in your bag, otherwise your inexperience will show when the heavens open and you don’t immediately reach for your waterproof trousers.


If you really want to bluff your way on the course, the key is to make sure you have an idea of which club to use and when. If in doubt, stick to your driver, 7 iron, and putter, they will see you through most shots.

Driver: Use this when teeing off.
Hybrid: Unlikely you’ll need this one to begin with but it would be used when you need to get a shot of 150+ yards airborne
Irons (3 – 9): Irons are used when you’re trying to hit your shot to the green, normally from 160 – 10 yards away. The lower the number of iron, the longer the shot the higher number the iron, the shorter the shot.
Wedge: Choose your wedge when you need to hit a short, high shot from near the green or to get out of a bunker.
Putter: The most well-known club, used this to roll your ball into the hole on the putting green.

Pack the part…

Before you tee off, make sure you’ve packed your bag full of essentials:

• Balls. We’d suggest you include around 6 or more (especially since there is a strong chance you’ll losing them!)
• A few tees
• A pencil to keep score
• A small towel
• A golf glove
• SPF. You may not realise how exposed you are on the course but even through the clouds, the sun can do damage
• (and we say it again even though it’s summer: this is Ireland) A set of waterproofs

So there you have it, all the essentials to make sure you can play your golf match looking and talking like you’ve been there for years. Phew!

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