Does Your Home Insurance Policy Cover You For Buildings and Contents Cover?

Does Your Home Insurance Policy Cover You For Buildings and Contents Cover?

Often online insurance policies aren’t what they’re cracked up to be so you need to be careful when purchasing a home insurance policy online as it may not be providing you with the insurance cover you need. As your local insurance expert, Abbey Insurance Brokers are here to help explain the difference between buildings and contents cover and why it’s important to have both within your Home Insurance policy.

Home Insurance- Buildings Cover

Buildings cover protects the structure of the building itself, as well as any fixtures that cannot be removed such as baths, showers, toilets, kitchens, cupboards etc. Your insurance may include other assets such as garages and sheds, but this is not always guaranteed, so it is best to check if in doubt. If you choose to have an extension later on, this may not be automatically included in your policy. Keep your insurer informed of any changes to your household.

Despite the fact that having a huge disaster is quite rare, without buildings cover, you could be taking a huge risk. Factors to take into consideration are fires, floods and gas explosions.

Home Insurance- Contents Cover

Contents cover protects all of your personal belongings within your house. So even if disaster does strike, you will be covered. Items that are usually covered include televisions, computers, furniture items, carpets and even clothes. Whether any of the above disasters occur, or even a burglary for example, you can claim back for all of the belongings that are taken or damaged.

Within home contents cover, mobile phones and laptops may also be included in the policy and people often pay separate insurance for these items. Always check if you’re covered within your contents policy before you decide on purchasing separate insurance policies.

Approximately 10% of British homeowners make an insurance claim each year, therefore ensuring that you are covered under the correct policy is crucial, despite being slightly costlier than basic policies. Replacing your home and contents will be far more expensive than any insurance policy that you take out, so this must be taken into consideration should any huge claim be made. You certainly don’t want to be out of pocket due to a disaster: knowing that you are safe from destruction is certainly a valid reason to apply for high-quality policies.

Buildings and Contents Cover

If you would like any further information on your home insurance cover, or to receive a quote get in touch with Abbey Insurance Brokers today! We’re happy to explain buildings and contents cover further!

Abbey has years of experience when it comes to supplying great home insurance cover. Abbey search from a range of insurance companies and negotiate great deals on your behalf, saving you time and money. Abbey also offer a range of optional extras such as Home Emergency cover.

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