Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance Cover

Buildings insurance will help protect the structure of your home, as well as any fixtures that cannot be removed such as baths, showers, toilets, kitchens, cupboards etc. Therefore, if you need walls prepare of maintenance to your foundation, your buildings cover can help with the costs. Your insurance policy can also include other assets such as garages and sheds, but this is not always guaranteed, so it is best to check if in doubt.

Remember if you decide to extended your home it may not be covered within your existing buildings insurance policy. Keep your insurer informed at all times of any changes to your household.

Living without buildings cover is a huge risk. Always double check your home insurance policies to ensure you won’t be left out of pocket in the event of an emergency or disaster striking.

Abbey Home Insurance

If you would like any further information on buildings insurance cover get in touch with Abbey Insurance Brokers today! We’re happy to explain any home insurance options available to you.

Abbey has years of experience when it comes to supplying great home insurance cover. We search from a range of insurance companies and negotiate great deals on your behalf, saving you time and money. Abbey also offer a range of optional extras such as Home Emergency cover.

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