Excess Protect

This is a really clever addition to your insurance and we’re one of the few brokers who offer it in Northern Ireland. It basically means that you can claim back the excess on your policy. So, say you have an excess of £500 on your policy – if you have an accident and it costs more than this to fix, then you can claim back that £500, so you aren’t out of pocket.

How does it work?

Every car insurance policy will have an excess. This is the initial amount not covered under the policy in the event of a claim, which you have to pay out.If the claim is your fault, you cannot reclaim your excess.

With Abbey’s Excess Protect policy, you pay a small premium to protect against paying out the policy excess. Provided your claim is higher than the excess on your policy, you will be able to recover the excess amount paid. The excess must first be paid to the persons carrying out any repairs and then reclaimed. You can choose to protect all or part of your excess with various levels of cover.

What is not covered (exclusions)

  • Only one claim can be made per policy, another policy can be purchased at any time.
  • Amount of claim under the Excess Protect policy must not exceed the value of the total excess of the main policy.
  • Claims must be reported within 14 days of the settlement of the claim to which the policy relates.
  • Windscreen excesses are excluded for all motor policies.
Exclusions and Terms and Conditions apply. A full copy of the policy documents are available upon request showing all the features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the policies.
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