Motor Legal Expenses

If you have a car accident which is not your fault, you may still incur hefty out of pocket expenses to get everything straightened out such as paying your insurance excess and a solicitor to act on your behalf.

This policy will cover you for this up to £100,000 for any one claim.

  • Payment of up to £100,000 on any one claim that is not your fault towards legal expenses for the recovery of uninsured losses resulting from any accident involving an insured vehicle in the territorial limits which causes damage to the insured vehicle and to personal property in or on it.
  • Death or bodily injury to an insured person including, where applicable, legal expenses arising from legal proceedings brought by an insured person and provided that the date of
    occurrence is within the period of insurance.
  • Payment of hire charges incurred by the insured person resulting from an incident involving an insured vehicle, provided criteria are met.
  • 24/7 Legal Helpline.
Exclusions and Terms and Conditions apply to both Motor and Home Legal Expenses policies. Policies are subject to there being a reasonable prospect of success in the opinion of the insurers. Please see car legal assistance policy documents for full details.
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