Defrosting your car. The Do’s and Don’ts.

Defrosting your car. The Do’s and Don’ts.
defrosting your car

As soon as the temperature drops many of us dread the big car freeze. As if your mornings were not hectic enough, now you have to think about defrosting your car before you hit rush hour traffic or get the school run underway. Here are a few shortcuts to bear in mind and a few things to avoid when the chill arrives.

Defrosting your car:


Give It Time: If at all possible allow yourself some extra time before you travel. Just 5 – 15 minutes at most makes a difference. Get up a bit earlier or push back a morning meeting if you can.

Help Yourself: Switch the engine (and the defroster) on right away. Let your car heat up and in about 5 minutes, the vehicle will already be helping you out with the defrosting task. Turning on your headlamps will also help to heat the headlamp glass and surrounding areas.

Prepare Your Tools: Try to ensure that you keep a good de-icer and a quality scraper in the car. You can pick up de-icer in any supermarket or DIY. Also helpful is having a small soft brush handy to remove snow from windscreens and roof before you clear the ice. Making use of a screen cover can make a big difference. Use cardboard or even an old towel to help prevent ice buildup if you don’t have a bespoke windshield cover.


Make do: Don’t use just anything as your scraper. A CD case, a credit card, a spatula, just don’t. You’ll only end up damaging your windscreen.

Boil or freeze: Whatever the rush, it’s not worth cracking the windscreen or lights so avoid pouring boiling water anywhere. The contrast in air temperature and hot on cold can result in cracks and chips.

Leave well alone: While it’s important to switch the car engine on, don’t leave the keys in the ignition and head back into your house. Perhaps you’ll be right back but a moment is all a thief will need to steal the car.

Ignore: Don’t just ignore it. You might think you can see enough through a small clearing on the windshield but it is not safe to drive off without the back and front windows and mirrors cleared.

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