4 DIY Halloween Costumes For Children You Can Make at Home

4 DIY Halloween Costumes For Children You Can Make at Home

Who doesn’t love Halloween? A holiday focused on sweets, treats, and make-believe, for one day only children can eat as much sugar as they please – while dressed up in something fun. Costumes are part of the excitement, and at this time of year many stores fill their aisles with colourful, quirky outfits to entice both children and adults.

Problem is, some of those shop-brought costumes don’t follow the same safety regulations as children’s clothing, not to mention that anyone could be spotted wearing the same thing. Buck the trend this Halloween, and opt for making one of these DIY Halloween costumes instead, to not only embrace originality, but save some money too.

DIY Halloween costumes

1.) Gift Costume

Are you the proud owner of a big cardboard box? If so, then cover it in wrapping paper and decorate with a big bow, like you would a Christmas or birthday present. Cut a hole in each side – one for a head, two for arms, and one for a body. Pop it onto your child and voila – an instant Halloween costume, made in the nick of time! Bonus points if you go for a big bow on a headband too…

2.) Black Spider

Fancy morphing into a creepy-crawly this Halloween? Just dress your child in all black clothes, from head to toe, then dig out three pairs of old black tights. Stuff them with cotton wool, fabric, whatever you can get your hands on to make them freestanding. Stitch or stick them onto the back of a black top, positioned so there are three “legs” on either side of the child’s body. For bonus points, find a black hat and stick craft bobble eyes on it too!

3.) Elephant Costume

Ever wonder what on earth you could make with all the cardboard toilet roll tubes you go through? Well, wonder no longer as they are perfect for making a homemade elephant costume. Simply paint three – four rolls in a light grey colour, then tape them together. Attach an elastic string to one end, for fixing to the head. Then, take two semi-circular pieces of cardboard, paint them grey, and fix onto a hairband or clips to make ears. (NB: Don’t have any grey paint to hand? Remember that mixing white and black produces grey too.)

4.) Bunch of Grapes

Got a stack of unused balloons lying about from children’s parties over the years? Blow up about 15 in a similar colour (not too full, as we don’t want them to easily burst) and stick/sew them onto an oversized sweatshirt. Place them on your child, with a handwritten sign saying ‘Bunch of Grapes – £1.50’. If you don’t have balloons all in one colour, then blow up multi-coloured ones and with a permanent marker write an ‘S’ on each one. Suddenly, your bunch of grapes has transformed into a bunch of Skittles!

Be safe this Halloween

If your child is set on having a shop-bought costume this Halloween, then be sure you are buying one which is flame-resistant. As we mentioned before, most Halloween costumes are classed as toys, not children’s clothing, and the laws regarding their flammability are less restrictive meaning should it come into contact with fire, it could light up quickly. Also, pick a costume made of one material, not many, as this slows down the burn should it take hold.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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