Don’t Let Your Christmas Go Up in Smoke

Don’t Let Your Christmas Go Up in Smoke

As we reach mid-November, many of us have already started the seasonal festivities. This might be buying and wrapping Christmas presents, or even putting up the Christmas tree! (We think it’s never too early!). But don’t forget about safety at Christmas!

These annual rituals bring great joy and excitement but, unfortunately, also a hidden risk to you and your loved ones.

Safety at Christmas

Fire, unsurprisingly, is cited as one of the most common claims made against home insurance policies and over the next few weeks, the risk of a household fire is heightened. In fact, statistics show a 26% increase in fire in fire accidents across the whole of December.

When you consider the sheer volume of fairy lights tangled around your home, the candles twinkling on the mantelpiece, and the gloriously warm fires, this fact doesn’t come as much of a surprise. And yet, many people are unaware of the fire hazards that come with these yuletide customs.

To ensure your Christmas remains as enjoyable and safe as possible, we’ve highlighted some of the most common fire hazards and the necessary precautions you should take alongside them.

Christmas tree and decorations

• Do not place your Christmas tree or flammable decorations near a source of heat, such as your fire. The same applies to the plethora of wrapping paper lying around on Christmas Day.
• When it comes to your fairy lights, check your Christmas tree lights conform to the British Standard (BS EN 60598) and if a bulb blows, replace it.
• Turn off all lights at night.
• Do not overload sockets.

Christmas Cooking

• Do not leave your cooking unattended.
• Ensure all small children are kept out of the kitchen while cooking appliances are in use.
• Roll up your sleeves and always point handles inwards to avoid any accidents.
• Avoid the temptation to cook after you’ve had a few alcoholic drinks.

Lighting an open fire and candles

• Ensure your chimney has been swept of soot by a professional before you light an open fire.
• Use a fire guard at all times, especially if there are pets or small children in close range.
• Only use proper fire lighters and follow the instructions accordingly. Never use petrol or any other fuel.
• User proper tools to tend to the fire i.e. a poker.
• Always extinguish the fire before going to bed or leaving the house.
• Ensure candles are encased in a proper holder and placed on a heat resistant.
• Keep candles away from fabrics and never leave them burning overnight.

Of course, it goes without saying, make sure your smoke alarm is in proper working order and test it regularly. Similarly, should something happen, be prepared with a fire escape route.

House fires are a silent killer but they can also be avoided. Even if you’re fortunate enough to remain unharmed, the effects to your home and possessions are irreversible. Please use caution this Christmas.

To receive a home insurance quote, call, click or visit Abbey today and we will ensure you have the right protection at the right price for your home. When it comes to home insurance, trust your local expert.


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