Camping Meals: Tips for Easy and Delicious Food

Camping Meals: Tips for Easy and Delicious Food

With ‘staycations’ being as far as many of us will travel this year for a holiday, camping is set to be a popular choice. Whether it’s all new to you or whether you’re a seasoned camper, bear in mind that everything is won or lost in the preparation. Taking some time to forward plan your packing, and your camping meals will make the trip (whatever the weather) a success.

When it comes to hungry campers, think ‘one pot’, bring along basic kitchen essentials (tongs, a sharp knife, a frying pan and spatula and a deeper “billy can” or pot at the very minimum). Your kids will eat well and may even get involved in the cooking. Here is our shortlist of reliably delicious and easy camp fire foods.

Easy Camping Meals

First night camp dinner

Win immediate chef points by coming prepared for the first dinner. After packing, travelling, finding your campsite, pitching the tent, and likely diffusing a few family stresses along the way, the first meal is vital. Prepare some Italian meatballs in advance and cook them in a billy can with some pasta sauce. They’ll warm up quickly and you can speedily boil some fresh pasta in a few minutes. A delicious dinner within 10 minutes, success!

Camping meals

Pancake day

One of our favourite camping hacks is to bring pre-made pancake batter in a washed out milk container. Bring enough for a dozen or so pancakes at least, get your campfire going and whip up a batch for breakfast. Season with lemon and sugar or keep it simple with a little honey and you’ll have a very happy early-morning crew.

Scrambled egg croissants

Scramble some eggs in your billy can with salt and maybe a little pre-grated cheese and when they’re cooked to perfection, slice open a croissant and fill it up. You can heat up your breakfast sandwich by pressing it into a frying pan and covering with some foil for a couple of minutes, otherwise eat as is and enjoy this delicious, warming brekkie.

Pre-made Pie

A pie is always the answer, camping or not! Whip up a large creamy ham and mushroom or succulent steak pie ahead of your trip, seal tightly in foil and pack in a cool spot. On the first or second day (depending on your refrigeration facilities), you can look forward to a delicious evening meal and plenty of left overs. Cook in foil directly onto the camp fire, leave for 20- 40 minutes to reheat fully and prepare for very happy campers.

Chorizo Nachos

A great option to encourage the kids to help cook and very hard to get wrong. Fry up some peppers and chorizo (a great meat to bring camping since it needs no refrigeration) in your billy can, leave to one side and build up your frying pan or wok with a layer of corn chips, chopped tomatoes, sliced chillies (to taste) and then layer on your chorizo and peppers. Warm through, adding more cheese as you go and within a few minutes you’ll have a delicious sharing pan to wow your team.

BBQ Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes cook much quicker and require less seasoning than potatoes, therefore making them ideal for camping meals. If you have it, add a little olive oil and salt to your sweet potato, wrap in foil and leave directly on the hot coals to cook for 15/ 20 minutes. Once cooked and steamy hot, remove and garnish. We like natural yogurt, a sprinkling of cheese, and some chopped spring on-ions.

Spiral Chipolatas and Coleslaw

This is a fun take on your standard barbecue dinner. Take the chipolatas you were planning to cook and using large skewers, make them into pinwheels so that you can cook them directly over the fire. Serve with some torn up bread that you’ve heated up slightly over the fire, and some pre made coleslaw and you have a winning combination.

One Pan Summer Eggs

Our all-time favourite one pan meal whether it’s for camping or not. Choose what you like to serve with your eggs and get creating. Our favourite recipe is eggs cracked into your frying pan, cooked through a little, throw in finely chopped tomatoes, avocado, basil leaves and some mushrooms. You can also add in pre-cooked chorizo, bacon, or lardons if you need a little more protein but really anything goes here.

Campfire Treats

Now to make the kids really happy! Have a few campfire treats up your sleeve. From the simple marshmallows on a stick, to digestive biscuit s’mores or our favourites, foil-wrapped bananas in their skins with melting chocolate middles!  Make sure you pack a little zip lock with the necessary ingredients and don’t forget some foil.  We also love cooking some spicy nuts before the trip that can be heated up in a pan and served with drinks while you’re cooking dinner. Hosting perfection.

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