First Time Packing Tips

First Time Packing Tips

First Time Packing Tips

Packing for a big trip? Perhaps it’s the first you’ve taken or perhaps you are a jet-set travel pro, either way it can be exciting and a little daunting. To help out, here are a few things that you can do to make sure you’re packing smart. Let’s side-step the ‘passport, tickets, money’ essentials, assume that you have these under control (you do, don’t you?!) and move to our round-up of packing tips to make your trip memorable in the best possible way.

Pack Light

Our general rule is, if you think you have enough, take a few things out of your case. The key is that you want to be able to carry all pieces of your luggage yourself so bear that in mind when you’re trying to squeeze an extra pair of shoes in. If you’re not sure you need them, you don’t.

Fly comfortable

Make yourself an inflight survival pack. Include some headphones and a scarf (which can double up as an extra pillow or blanket), a snack, some hand cream, and perhaps an eye mask. Think about what will make you more comfortable especially if you’re embarking on long haul, and set those things aside in your hand luggage.

Compact Luggage

Source a fold-up day bag – preferably a backpack or a cross-body bag for security and make sure that all compartments zip up. You’ll only need a few things during the day on your holiday so having a light-weight travel bag for sightseeing, beach visits, or hiking will be handy. It can also act as a separator for laundry or dirty shoes on the way home.

Tech Essentials

These are vital. Being stranded with no mobile phone battery is a fate worse than flight cancellation. Our advice is to include a universal power adaptor so that you can plug in wherever you go. Team that with a nifty travel cube to allow you to plug in several items (including USBs) at the same time and you’ll feel very smug when you arrive and find only one power outlet in a shared space. Lastly, pack a small power pack in your hand luggage. Charge it at night and have it with you during the day to charge electronics on the go.

Currency Tips

Exchange a small amount of local currency for taxis, refreshments, or emergencies. In addition, set up a currency card. Register an account with Revolut (or similar) and simply move money from your bank account into the currency of your choice (for no charge) and pay via your card anywhere you go. Any unspent currency can be switched back, again with no charge, when you get home.

Reusable Water Bottle

Refill (checking the water quality first) wherever you are so that you stay hydrated throughout your travels.

Flip Flops

No matter what destination or climate, throw in a pair of flip flops for your trip. You might find you’re walking from your room to the shower, around the pool, or just need something cool when you’re in transit, they will always come in handy.

Microfibre Towel

Tiny, lightweight and so handy. Whether you use it as an extra blanket, throw it into your beach bag or take it with you on a mountain hike, it’s lovely to have your own towel to use.

First Aid Essentials

Pack lean here, what medicines do you absolutely need? Include these in your hand luggage alongside your prescription and a letter from your Doctor and top up your kit with a few plasters, insect repellent and some anti histamine. Everything else you should be able to get on arrival.

Skin Care

Make sure you include a few essentials, primarily SPF, SPF, SPF.  No matter what climate you’re going to, don’t underestimate protecting your skin. We would suggest supplementing with a moisturiser and toothpaste as basic but perhaps you’ll have a few other essentials to throw in. Try to cut down on the packing here by decanting your products into small travel-sized bottles which you can throw away on your return home.

Lightweight jacket

Regardless of climate, pack something fold-up and lightweight for any eventuality. Weather can take you by surprise no matter where you’re going so it’s always better to have an extra layer.


When space is a hot commodity you don’t want to weigh down your luggage down with several paperbacks so think about making the switch to a Kindle. Load up a few books before you go and you’ll have plenty to entertain you through any airline delay, sunshine afternoon, or tricky hotel transfer.

Most importantly, enjoy! Whether it’s a city break or a round-the-world trip, plan well and then soak up every moment.

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