Firework and Sparkler Safety for All the Family

Firework and Sparkler Safety for All the Family

Firework and Sparkler Safety for All the Family

Firework and Sparkler Safety

A fireworks display can be a highlight of Autumn and certainly something that little ones will love and remember for years to come. Keeping in mind a few safety precautions is essential to ensuring you remember the event for all the right reasons. You might think setting off a few fireworks in your back garden is harmless enough. Quite the opposite. Instances of injury from fireworks and sparklers are increasing year on year in the UK so it’s crucial to stay safe in particular when there are children and young adults around.

None of our steps to safety should stop you having fun, they should just make you feel more confident and secure in your fireworks night planning.

Firework and Sparkler Safety Tips

• When you’re purchasing your fireworks and sparklers, makes sure you do so from a registered fireworks retailer. Look for the CE mark (European Safety Standards approved) and check that they are being sold legally.
• Be aware that in Northern Ireland, to buy, possess, and use certain types of fireworks you need a valid fireworks licence.
• Make sure that only adults handle fireworks or sparklers. Children and young people should never be left unsupervised.
• Keep all fireworks and sparklers in a dry, secure metal box located outside of the reach of children. Do not carry fireworks around in your pocket (friction can set them off) or keep in a bag or flammable container.
• If you are responsible for overseeing the fireworks and sparklers, be careful not to drink while doing so. Any lapse in concentration could have an impact.
• Read all instructions fully before using any fireworks products.
• When you’re ready to host your fireworks display, mark out a safe distance from where you plan to set off the fireworks to where spectators should stand. Ensure they don’t come any closer throughout the evening.
• Choose an open area that does not have many trees or foliage around. Never set off fireworks in a wooded or enclosed area and never set off a firework or light a sparkler inside.
• Keep a bucket of water and ideally a hose at hand near where you plan to use your fireworks.
• Keep all cigarettes and open flames away from your staging area.
• When you’re ready to light your fireworks, do so one at a time and light with a taper at arms length then stand well back.
• If a firework does not go off after it has been lit do not be tempted to return to the firework and try again. Leave it where it is and move on to another firework. After a minimum of 20 minutes, you can return to the firework and dip it into a bucket of water to ensure it will not go off at a later time.
• When you light a firework, do so conscious of its direction. Do not light towards your home or any spectators.
• Never throw a firework. Always light and step back.
• When using sparklers, make sure that you do so wearing gloves and closed toe shoes. Do not hold a baby or child at the same time and never give a sparkler to anyone under 5 years old. Do not leave any child unsupervised when using sparklers and if someone should drop a firework, never pick it up. When finished, it should be put into a bucket of water.
• Make sure you think about your family pets. Fireworks can be terrifying for household pets so keep them indoors, safe and away from any of the activity outside.

Safety precautions in hand, now it’s time to enjoy the display!

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