Four New Year’s Resolutions You Should Adopt this Year

Four New Year’s Resolutions You Should Adopt this Year

Are you prone to forcing yourself into New Year’s resolutions which are unrealistic and difficult to stick to? If so, make 2018 the year you don’t make that mistake. We’ve picked our top four New Year’s resolutions which can be incorporated into any lifestyle, and make a big difference to you and those around you.

New Year’s Resolutions

Take up a hobby that makes you happy

Are you bogged down by the daily routine of an unpredictable commute, stressful working life, and demanding family? We suggest throwing something you love into the mix. Now, you might protest that you have no time for anything else in your life, but imagine the benefit of spending just a few hours a week committing to something you love? Whether it’s a run in the park, knitting a blanket, or snuggling in with a good book, any of these could do wonders for your happiness and general mental health.

New Year's Resolution

Devote more time to those who matter most

The older you get, the more apparent it becomes that money isn’t the most valuable entity in the world – it’s time. Next year, think about how you spend your time. Is it wasted on people or experiences that aren’t worth it? Could you afford to devote more time to close friends, or aging family members? It’s often handy to remember that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day – are you putting yours to best use?

Indulge new adventures

Suffering from a case of travel-envy, perhaps Instagram-induced? We suggest you act on it. Book a trip to somewhere you’ve never experienced before – be it to celebrate a big occasion, or simply to take some much-needed ‘you-time’. Nothing awakens the spirit quite like immersing yourself in a new culture. If you are in need of some travel inspiration, check out our top city break hotspots!

Organise Yourself

This might seem like an obvious one, but hear us out. It’s easy to begin a new year with a commitment to getting yourself organised, but it’s much harder to put measures in place to make this commitment last indefinitely. We suggest investing some time and effort into carefully dividing your life into manageable chunks, i.e – home, family, work, school, etc. Then, consider what needs to be organised carefully within each chunk. Once the bulk of initial work is complete you’ll be surprised how much clearer you feel.

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