4 Reasons You Need Building and Contents Insurance over the Winter

4 Reasons You Need Building and Contents Insurance over the Winter

There has never been a better time to start considering a new home insurance provider. After all, your home and contents face an increased risk over the winter. With Christmas done and dusted for yet another year, why not shop around for a better buildings and contents insurance quote? Here are four reasons why it’s beneficial to do this sooner rather than later.

1.Increased Valuables

The vast majority of homes are now bursting at the seams with fresh valuables. This can include the likes of laptops, smartphones and jewellery. Unfortunately, these can cause you and your property to be targeted by thieves if you’re not careful. If you do unfortunately fall victim to a burglary, home insurance can cushion the blow by covering the cost of your stolen contents.

2.Turbulent Weather

You can typically expect heaps of wind and rain around this time of year – not to mention the odd snow storm. These weather conditions aren’t just inconvenient, they can also cause damage to your home. Sub-zero temperatures can freeze your pipes, while gale-force winds can tear tiles off your walls. Roof damage is also very common if your home becomes blanketed by snow.

3.Excessive Electronics Use

The winter generally means fewer nights out and more nights staying in. In turn, this should nudge up your use of electronics. Over time, if you’re allowing your gadgets to heat up or if you’re not switching them off properly, they could become a fire hazard. This is why it’s important that you obtain insurance that protects you in the event of fire damage.

4.Reliance on Heating

The winter months would often be unbearable without heating. This is exactly why you’ll want to cover yourself in the event that your heating system packs in. If you’re not covered, you’ll be looking at facing a huge bill before the problem can be resolved.

Abbey Insurance Brokers is the answer

If you are looking for buildings and contents insurance in NI this winter, then look no further than Abbey Insurance Brokers.

Abbey has years of experience when it comes to supplying cover and providing excellent customer service along the way. Abbey search from a range of insurance companies and negotiate great deals on your behalf, saving you time and money. Abbey also offer a range of optional extras such as Home Emergency cover- find out more. Contact Abbey Insurance Brokers today for a great value home insurance quote which will cover your buildings and contents.

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