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Gap insurance starts where your car insurance stops

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We all know owning a car can be expensive.

Whether your car is new, second hand, or you already own the vehicle, it’s worth thinking about GAP Insurance to protect your financial interest in the vehicle. Basically, GAP Insurance starts where your car insurance stops!

So What is GAP insurance?

This is a great product that’s designed to give you a bit of extra help to get back on the road if your car is written off. It pays you out the difference between the motor insurer’s total loss settlement and the purchase price of your vehicle- very handy when you’re looking for a new car following a total loss.

Your total loss settlement is based on what the market value of your vehicle is at that time, therefore there is a risk that this could be less than what is owed to your finance or lease company. This is one of the great advantages of GAP insurance as this product is designed to protect your initial investment and make sure that you are not left with a hefty bill!

Gap Insurance Information:

  • GAP Insurance will return you back to the invoice price for up to a 4 year period from date of purchase
  • GAP Insurance allows you to change your vehicle without having to cancel your GAP policy
  • You can renew your policy annually so this can run in line with your current insurance
  • Covers your excess up to £250 in the event of a fault claim
  • No maximum claim limit on vehicles up to £75,000
  • Your vehicle must be under 10 years old
  • Vehicle must be declared a total loss
  • GAP insurance pays any amount owed to a finance company (finance shortfall protection) following a total loss.

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A full copy of the policy documents are available upon request showing all the features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the policies.

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