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There should be no confusion surrounding the idea that drink driving is dangerous. For you, your passengers, and for other road users. But there is confusion surrounding the limits applicable in each region and what those mean for each individual. The foremost guidance is Never, Ever, Drink and Drive. And yet, while there is any kind of limit, some people still try to work to that instead. So, how can we navigate that? How can we be sure that we’re on the right side of the rules and don’t find ourselves behind the wheel over the limit?

Availability of consumer home breathalysing kits has increased. The choice and accuracy has improved and these small, clever pieces of tech are now helping people to feel more confident about when they are safe to drive. From the many varieties on the market, whether basic semi-conductor devices or sophisticated fuel cell products, it can be confusing to know which the most reliable model to choose is. We have picked out 5 of the best available. Do note however that home breathalyser kits should be used only as a precaution and that the safest method is to completely abstain from drinking if you are planning to drive.

AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser



An incredibly accurate device, this fuel cell breathalyser includes a Blow Coach which makes sure that you get a clear reading each time. With the ability to update firmware via USB (as opposed to sending back to the manufacturer each time), the Pro allows you to set the local region and retain and analyse your sample each time.

AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathaslyser



One step down from the AlcoSense Pro, but accurate and reliable nonetheless, the Excel is very easy to use and includes a great backlit display which can be read while you’re blowing. Just as with the Pro, you can set limits depending on the local area you are in and at a lower price, is represents a good option.

AlcoDigital Platinum



Conveniently allowing the user to recalibrate the device themselves (via USB), the Platinum is accurate and easy to use. Sold as the world’s first Breathalyser with replaceable fuel cell cartridge technology, the Platinum boasts the ability to swap the sensor and continue to use without posting back to the manufacturer. It does however miss out on the benefit of setting limits for different countries of use which lets it down as compared to some of its competitors (You really need to know the legal levels in your own region or reliance on this device could be problematic.)

AlcoDigital AL7000



For its price, this is a simple and easy to use semi conductor device with clear instructions and a handy car adaptor charge lead. It does not allow the user to set different drink drive limit per region but makes up for this in accuracy and reliability. With Replaceable Sensor feature, this model allows for recalibration by the user. (Again, know your local limits in order to use this properly).

AlcoSense Elite



Semi conductor devices do not offer the same accuracy as fuel cell breathalysers, but the Elite compensates by over-reading each time. Using a revolutionary design of built-in air flow sensors means that you can’t blow too hard or too softly which could distort the result of the breath test. The device offers visible and audible alerts upon testing and the units of measurement can be changed based on the user’s location. A handy device at a reasonable price.

Remember, the best and simplest advice to follow is to never, ever drink and drive.

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