Do Home Improvements Impact on Home Insurance?

Do Home Improvements Impact on Home Insurance?

Have you considered renovating your roof space into an extra bedroom? Or are you thinking of extending your home to add some much needed space?

Today, more and more households are opting to make home improvements on their existing home in favour of moving house altogether. If you’re thinking of making any changes then it’s vital you contact your insurance company to inform them. Many property owners don’t realise that implementing certain home improvements could actually invalidate their home insurance.

As part of your buildings insurance, your premium will be based on the property when the insurance was initially taken out. Therefore, if you change the structure of your property your existing cover may not be valid. Likewise, your contents insurance cover may also no longer apply. If you go to claim for loss or damage in an area of your home which your insurer didn’t know existed, then your claim could prove difficult to pass.

Thinking of Making Home Improvements?

It can be very easy to forget about contacting your insurer when you’re distracted by builders and interior design, but aim to make it a priority! It could help avoid costly errors down the line. Some key tips to consider when making home improvements are:

• Contact your insurance company prior to any work being carried out and make them aware of your plan.
• Provide plenty of detail on your plans to get the best advice on how to amend your insurance policy.
• Extensions and conversions can increase the value of a home which means you may need to increase the value of rebuilding your home.
• New kitchens and bathrooms, especially expensive ones, will require you to increase your buildings sum insured.
• Whilst work is being carried out you may want to increase your accidental damage policy to allow for any mishaps that could occur with additional workmen being about.
• Adding legal cover to your home insurance to protect you against the building company you are using should they go into administration or the quality of work is poor.

Get in Touch

If you’re thinking of making any home improvements, make sure your home is securely insured! Abbey Insurance Brokers can provide you with a home insurance quote online today or feel free to request a call-back from a member of our team. Trust your local expert.

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