Keycare Cover

This is a handy piece of insurance. We give you a keyring which you register and then attach to your keys. It covers you for the loss, theft or breakage of all the keys on that keyring, like your house keys or your car keys – so that could be getting a replacement infrared opener, or getting your fob and immobiliser reprogrammed so that a thief can’t open and drive away your car.

  • Keycare cover helps recover your lost or stolen keys by offering a finder’s reward.
  • Assists you in getting home safely following the loss or theft of your keys.
  • Provides you with a 24 hours a day,365 days a year Emergency Helpline.
  • Covers ALL the keys attached to the special fob (for example, car keys, house keys,office or caravan)
  • Up to £1500 worth of cover per annum.
  • Covers you for locksmith charges, replacement locks and keys, reprogramming immobilisers and alarms when lost or stolen.
  • Covers the cost of onward transport and a hire car if you are stranded or your car is unusable as a result of lost, stolen or broken keys.
  • No excess to pay.
  • No limit on the number of claims you can make.
  • Your No Claims Bonus on your other insurance policies will NOT be affected if you make a claim.
Exclusions and Terms and Conditions apply. A full copy of the policy documents are available upon request showing all the features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the policies.