Here Comes Caravan Season! How to Prepare Your Home for Going Away!

Here Comes Caravan Season! How to Prepare Your Home for Going Away!

Caravan Season | How to Prepare Your Home for Going Away!

When it comes to preparing for caravan season, your checklist could be as long as your arm. Most of us don’t have time to even think about the safety of our home while we’re away as we focus on the impending holiday, but ensuring you have adequately prepared beforehand is our tip for a truly worry-free break.

Whether you’re moving from the busy city to a quaint town nearby or even jetting off for some sunshine, do not despair; we’ve come up with the ultimate checklist to ensure your home and belongings remain just as you left them.


Homes with no security measures are far more likely to be targeted by burglars than those with simple security measures.

The first step is to secure your doors – make sure the frame is strong, the hinges are protected and if you have a mail slot, that someone can’t reach through it to unlock the door. Also check that all windows are locked, valuables are kept out of sight and regular deliveries are cancelled.

On a separate note, it is easy to get excited and post photos on social media while you’re away but this is a tell-tale sign to burglars that no one is at home. Don’t advertise your trip and hold off posting holiday selfies until you’re home.

Be smart with lighting

Another way in which to keep your house secure is making it looked lived-in while you’re away.

The joys of technology allows for smart home lighting which is a fantastic way to take control while you enjoy your time away. Managed from your smartphone device, this technology allows you to switch on lights in your property and therefore give the impression that you’re home. Installing a motion-activated sensor on an outdoor flood light is another great way to deter burglars.

To ensure that these lighting techniques are successful, it’s best to leave curtains and blinds open. Nothing reveals an unoccupied house more than curtains closed during the day.

Plumbing and electrical precautions

Running appliances while you’re away is not only a needless expense, it can also lead to costly problems. Small steps such as unplugging electrical goods and checking that your smoke alarm is working can make a big difference.

It is also a good idea to turn off all gas appliances that are not required and if you’re heading off for a prolonged period of time, turn water off at the mains. Water from a broken pipe or overflowing cistern could short out electricity and cause a fire – the very last thing you want to come home to!

Managing heating

The good news about going away is that you can unwind on your break while saving money .To avoid unwanted energy usage, temporarily reset heaters and thermostats before you leave. This will prevent the heating coming on automatically and heating a house with no one in it.

Of course, if you were heading off in the winter months, you won’t want to turn off your heating altogether due to the risk of freezing pipes. Otherwise, this is an effective way to cut your bills when you are out of the house.

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