Insuring Against the Unexpected

Insuring Against the Unexpected

How to Keep Your Home Secure

At Abbey we understand that you want your home insurance broker to act quickly, in an effective and compassionate manner.

But, we believe that being a good insurance broker means more than just helping you when you when tragedy strikes; it also means offering advice to ensure against disaster in the first place!

With that in mind we have taken a closer look at two of the most prevalent perils that can besiege your home, and some top advice for insuring against it.

Fire damage

Unlike with the recent flooding, being blessed with a house on a hill is no safeguard against fire and the devastation it can cause. Like nothing else, fire has the ability not only to destroy everything you own, but to endanger life in the process.

Taking reasonable steps against it, such as fitting a frequently checked smoke alarms and investing in some fire extinguishers and/or blankets, could safeguard your life and your belongings. Don’t let your home go up in smoke.

Burglary and theft

While ensuring against fire might mean making some hefty additional expenditure there are some very cost-effective ways of making your home less attractive to burglars. Obviously don’t advertise your possessions, by placing them by a window, or your own absence, by posting on social media. People can wait for the photos, they don’t need to know that you’re ‘off to Corfu for two weeks’. A wittier move might be to invest in a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign, whether you have a pooch or not!

Of course the best advice we can offer is to do all these things while making sure that your home is properly insured. Cutting back your home insurance policy to its essentials might seem like a good idea at the time, we are all out to save money after all, but it is easily one of the biggest false economies you could make.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful and that, whether you’re a pre-existing customer or not, you’ll come to Abbey the next time you need a home insurance quote.

At Abbey, our goal is to ensure your home is fully insured and at the best price.

With our new price promise, we guarantee to save you at least 10% on your home insurance renewal*.

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