How to Keep your Motorbike Secure

How to Keep your Motorbike Secure

Open roads, wind in your hair (beneath the helmet of course) and that glorious sense of freedom as your engine gets going. It’s easy to see why motorbikes are becoming an increasingly popular way of commuting. However, whether you ride a Harley-Davidson or Vespa scooter, it is a legal requirement to have bike insurance.

Below we have outlined several security measures that can help you reduce your premium and keep your bike secure!

Security Measures

One of the biggest threats is that of theft. If somebody decides to steal your bike it is you that ultimately pays for their crime. This will involve consideration around your bike’s depreciation in value, the excess you’ll have to contribute towards the claim and your increased premium for a replacement. All this can leave you out of pocket so it’s necessary to initially take out high quality bike insurance policy.

Overnight Storage

Be mindful of where you store your vehicle overnight. A bike with one lock on it will be more costly to insure than one that is tucked up for the night in a garage. When possible, hide your scooter in a secure place such as a brick built garage, a shed, a back garden or cover it with a bike sheet.

Attach it to Immoveable Objects

If possible, secure your bike to immoveable objects such as street lampposts, private property pillars or trees. You can purchase ‘security tested’ chains that to do this and they may provide a premium discount too. However, be aware that it is not unlikely for criminals to steal bikes that are securely chained.


Fitting an alarm on the storage area of your vehicle and tagging your bike is a great security measure. This means in the event of theft your bike will easier to identify and more likely to be returned to you.

Bike Insurance

At Abbey, we understand that bikers need to protect themselves whether they drive a motorbike, moped or scooter. We’re keen to get you our cheapest price on motorbike insurance possible. Call into one of our friendly branches today to speak to our knowledgeable team or let us call you back.

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