Keeping food for longer when in lockdown

Keeping food for longer when in lockdown

Keeping food for longer when in lockdown

Visits to the supermarket and shops are less frequent during this time, therefore being smarter when it comes to how we shop and use our food is key, as well as reducing waste where possible.

Below are a few tips for how your family can do this during lockdown!

Meal planning

Meal planning can be a big help during lockdown. Planning breakfast, lunch and dinner for your family ensures you will have all the ingredients you need in the house and limit trips to the supermarket. It can also help use up the food you have in the cupboards and ensure you make use of all the food you bring home. Planning meals ahead will help you if you are still working whilst also preventing waste and saving money.

Freeze leftovers

Freezing leftovers is a great way to help reduce waste and also help you save time another day.

Stock take

Take stock of what is in your cupboards and make a list of the meals you could potentially make out them. BBC Good Food have a list of freezable meals that is ideal for batch cooking and Jamie Oliver’s new show – Keep Cooking and Carry On is now on Channel 4 to help inspire us.


Most of the waste we throw in the bin is usually food packaging or food that has expired, which is a shame. By following a few of the below tips, we can all reduce the amount we throw out:

• Don’t shop on an empty stomach, as we often buy more that we actually need creating more food waste
• Buy only what you need and stick to a shopping list and meal plan
• If buying loose fruit, skip the plastic bags
• Try to avoid buying lots of perishable foods and opt for frozen fruit and veg where you can.


A large amount of what you throw into the bin could be composted – eggshells, leftover scraps, vegetable peelings, teabags etc. Make the most of them by creating a compost heap if you have a spare bin and some extra space. It’s also a great fertiliser for plants as it’s full of nutrients. So not only are you reducing waste, but you’re actually giving to your garden and with all this extra time at home, it is a great opportunity to finally get the garden ready for Spring!

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