Keeping the kids entertained at home

Keeping the kids entertained at home

Keeping the kids entertained at home

Schools are shut, parks are closed, and the UK is on lockdown to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, meaning kids are at home – all the time. Kids need to be kept active and busy to keep their spirits high. We have pulled together a few ways to keep the kids entertained at home!

Baking and cooking

Kids love baking, it keeps them entertained and we get to eat their attempts. Try your hand at simple traybakes like Cornflake buns, Rice Krispy buns or even mallow tops. You can find a whole host of ideas on BBC Good Food. This is also the perfect opportunity to teach them some basic cooking skills. Homemade pizza or meatballs and spaghetti are two simple dishes kids will love to help with! Most ingredients for these traybakes and recipes will be cupboard and freezer staples, meaning no shopping will be required.


With strict new laws announced by the PM Boris Johnson, people may only leave their house once a day for exercise which can be frustrating, especially for kids. However, there are so many other ways of implementing a little exercise, such as following The Body Coach and doing LIVE #PEWithJoe workouts with him every morning at 9am, Monday-Friday (parents are encouraged to join in too!). Setting up your garden as a makeshift circuits workout can also be good fun, and the kids can get involved with setting up and timing.

Garden treasure hunts

This could be a fun and interactive way for both entertainment but also learning technique, where you set out instructions for you kids to solve and follow. It doesn’t need to be too difficult or extensive, just a little alternative from computer games, smart phones and TV. A garden treasure hunt is perfect for Easter fun too!

Home Cinema

Set up a home cinema and select some of the family’s favourites, get the duvets / cosy blankets and popcorn at the ready and turn this housebound time into quality family time.

Arts and Crafts

Easter is just around the corner why not get the preparation in to make Easter decorations, gifts and cards or begin to set out an Easter Egg hunt trail in your home / garden.

Games and puzzles

You most likely grew up playing outside and with toys, puzzles, and jigsaws. Why not bring back the memories with some family games. Also, Christmas is usually a time when the family gets together for board games, are you ready for a second wave of competitiveness? Such games will reduce your children’s electronic / technology screen time while having lots of family fun.


Yes, that’s right. It might just be our favourite one too! Get the kids involved in the housework – simple tasks such as folding laundry and helping with the dishes will help pass some time.

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