How to Look After Your Vehicle’s Tyres

How to Look After Your Vehicle’s Tyres

Do You Check Your Tyres Regularly?

Checking your car tyres is a very important task that drivers should carry out regularly. If you are involved in a road accident, your car insurance premium will only cover you if your car is of a ‘road-worthy’ condition – which means each tyre need to be fit for purpose.

If your tyres aren’t in a good condition, it could prove difficult to claim.

Replacing A Tyre

Tyres can be deemed ‘road-worthy’ by ensuring they are the correct size for your vehicle, so refer to your car’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations when you go to replace them. Changing the size of your tyres can impact on your vehicle’s’ driving and braking ability, making them unfit for safe driving.

Also make note of your tyre’s speed rating – replacing tyres with a lower speed rating will not support your regular speed. Some insurers could even view your car as being ‘modified’ if you do this which will impact on your premium. Likewise, fitting tyres with a reduced load rating will not support your driving. You will experience faster tyre wear and deflated tyres, making you more liable for tyre related accidents.

Tyre Maintenance

Here at Abbey Insurance we advise that you regularly check your car (and motorbike) to ensure its are safe for the roads. Below we have listed additional tips to ensure you drive with legal tyres.

• Have the correct size and type of tyre for your vehicle (refer to your car’s manual)
• Check your tyre’s tread depth around the entire circumference to ensure it meets legal requirements.
• Pump your tyre with air to the manufacturers’ recommended pressure and check them every couple of weeks.
• Modify the pressure of each car tyre to account for heavy loads or travelling conditions
• Check for any tears, visible lumps or scratches that could deem your car as illegal. If your tyres are found to be illegal you could endure a fine, penalty points of risk invalidating your car insurance.

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