Get Your Face On Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Get Your Face On Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Driving Distractions | Make-up On The Move

Let’s talk about doing your make-up in the car…is it such a bad thing?

Driving Distractions

We’ve all been there: rushed, running late, trying to get ready in time. Perhaps your solution is to embrace the natural look and stay make-up free, or perhaps you decide to bring your beauty kit into work with you and get it done at your desk before that important meeting. You might, however be one of the many individuals who decide to use time behind the wheel to multi-task your make-up routine.

Beauty v. Safety

It might seem like time-saving efficiency (what’s applying a little bit of mascara in the morning gridlock?) but the fact is that any driving distractions can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. Whether you’re making up your eyes while stopped at lights or applying lip gloss when you’re in motion, every second really does count when you’re driving.

Some countries, like the Republic of Ireland, have specifically made applying make-up while behind the wheel, a driving offence. While it’s not directly specified in UK law, the act of ‘driving without due care and attention’ is, and this is the infraction which is frequently called upon in the case of individuals caught driving while texting, being distracted by food or drink, and applying make-up.

In a survey conducted in 2013 by the AA, 43% of women admitted to applying make-up at the wheel and only 14% thought it affected their driving. It has been estimated that there are a staggering 450,000 individuals involved in accidents every year caused by applying make-up behind the wheel.  It seems perhaps it’s a much bigger driving distraction than we realised.

Worth the risk?

If we told you that the penalty for driving without due care and attention is between 3 and 9 penalty points, with fines of up to £2500 plus prosecuting costs, would you reconsider your mascara habits?  If caught, these potential outcomes, not to mention the possibility of causing or being involved in a more serious or possibly fatal accident, should be enough to conclude that no amount of vanity would be worth it.

How to Change

Our advice? Clear your travelling beauty bag out of your car. Remove all possible temptations to multi-task and put any distraction well out of arm’s reach (we mean the boot, not the passenger seat!). If you definitely can’t even think about the rush hour without your face on, set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier: a touch of foundation, a coat of mascara and a swish of tinted lip balm should wake your face up sufficiently to get you to your destination.  And if you do find you’re running late (we’re only human), we dare you to give your skin a day to detox and give bare-faced beauty a try.

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