Did you know these are the most DANGEROUS jobs in the world?

Did you know these are the most DANGEROUS jobs in the world?

Many people take their low-risk jobs for granted. Whether you are an accountant, computer technician, or even restaurant waiter, these roles tend not to top the charts as the world’s most dangerous jobs. But on the other end of the scales, there are some which are statistically a lot more treacherous to undertake, and we’ve compiled a list of exactly what they are. Has yours made the list?Dangerous jobs - workman on roof

Lorry Driving

Death by lorry-driving (or another commercial vehicle) makes up a fifth of all deaths in the workplace – a shocking statistic. But why is it most dangerous? Well, there’s the obvious issues like winding roads, speed and diver fatigue, but actually, other drivers can also be at fault. Many tend to drive erratically when faced with a large vehicle, making the roads an unpredictable, unsafe place to be.

Waste Collection

The list of health and safety risks associated with a job in waste collection is vast. Everything from a broken wine glass in a bin bag, to wear and tear on the body, plays a big role in why this is has been declared as one of the most risky jobs you can undertake. Thankfully, automated loading systems are becoming more common in trucks, reducing the risks associated with emptying the bins, and as always, heavy-duty high-visibility gear helps too.


Heights, dangerous tools, uneven surfaces – roofing has risen to become one of the most treacherous jobs out there with workers frequently suffering careless injuries at work. Our tip? If you’re up on a roof, make sure you are adequately strapped in to ensure that if in case of a fall, you are likely to be caught.


This one might surprise you, but being a fisherman is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world, with 116 of every 100,000 fishermen losing their lives every year. It’s all down to the unpredictable nature of the ocean, the possibility of drowning or falling gravely ill at sea, and being careless with dangerous fishing equipment.

And number one for Northern Ireland – Farming

Farming is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, particularly in Northern Ireland where it is reported that over 100 accidents happen on local farms every month. Accidents are typically due to operating heavy machinery, heights, and dealing with unpredictable farm animals.

Abbey Insurance Brokers

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