Need Cheap Young Drivers Insurance? We hear ya…

Need Cheap Young Drivers Insurance? We hear ya…

Cheap Young Drivers Insurance Northern Ireland

Are you 18-24 years old? Did you know that we can help drivers, like you, get cheap young drivers insurance in Northern Ireland?

At Abbey Insurance, we have introduced the ‘AbbeyGo’ which can save young drivers up to 50% off their car insurance*
Save up to 50% on Young Drivers Insurance Northern Ireland*

At Abbey Insurance, we understand that as a young driver, getting car insurance can be an absolute nightmare. You have next to no money and, unless your parents are feeling particularly generous, you could be a long way off that independent lifestyle you’ve been craving.

It can be a heart wrenching experience putting all that work into passing your driving test, just to find yourself as immobile as you were before. You have visions of hitting the open road in your new car, but for a lot of young drivers this remains a dream, until now….

Abbey Insurance, one of Northern Ireland’s largest insurance brokers understands the local market, compares NI and understands your needs, so, Abbey have introduced ‘AbbeyGo’. To some it might just be a small white telematics box, but to you it’s your new found independence.

AbbeyGo is Easy

AbbeyGo is a compact, self-installing unit which fits nicely into your windscreen. Using Tracker’s satellite technology, AbbeyGo monitors acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding, as well as other influential driver data.

The information is then transmitted via GPS so we can monitor your level of driving and provide you with a monthly data report so you can see how you are performing.

You will also have access to this data online, so you can track your performance throughout the month and take advantage of our tips on how you can improve your driver score.

Even outside of reducing your own costs, there are greater benefits to opting for this form of Young Drivers insurance:

Why get AbbeyGo?

• Up to 50% off car insurance for young drivers *
• Helps you improve your driving and reduce the cost of your insurance.
• Access to driving data online
• Easy self-installation
• No curfews
• Upfront discount- No hidden fines
• Increased fuel efficiency
• Inbuilt tracking device

To receive a quote, call our local team on 08000 66 55 44.

*Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria apply. 50% discount is available for a 17 year old policyholder. Discounts vary depending on age subject to minimum premium.


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