Packing an essential emergency car kit

Packing an essential emergency car kit
emergency car kit

We all hope not to need it but in case you are stranded or faced with some unexpected driving conditions, it is important that you keep some car essentials with you at all times. Calling roadside assistance will be your first response but if you don’t have mobile phone service or help can’t reach you quickly, you’ll be pleased to have a few things in reserve.

Here’s our shortlist of Emergency Car Kit Essentials:

• Reflective triangle
• Reflective vest or jacket
• Empty fuel canister
• First Aid Kit (purchase a pre-made kit or put together your own)
• Torch with spare batteries
• Good quality multi tool
• Matches or lighter
• Energy Bars/ cereal bars
• Water Bottles
• Window Breaker
• Good quality ice scraper
• De-Icer – Check out our blog on the Do’s and Don’ts of defrosting your car.
• Blanket
• Tissues
• Pencil and paper
• Umbrella
• Spare change
• Reusable shopping bags
• USB mobile device charger
• Electrical tape
• Jump leaps

In addition, make sure you have with your car manual in the glove compartment to assist you with any questions or issues that arise en route. It’s also helpful to let someone know if you’re planning a long journey or travelling an unfamiliar route.

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