How to Stay Safe Taxi Driving over the Holiday Season

How to Stay Safe Taxi Driving over the Holiday Season

We know taxi drivers. We’ve been offering competitive insurance rates for them for years, and we understand the issues and concerns with the trade, particularly during the festive season when taxi drivers are at their busiest. As such, we want to take the necessary steps to prevent any unnecessary mishaps at this time of year for our drivers. If you are, or you know, a taxi driver, then share these tips for safe taxi driving on the roads during the winter months.

Safe Taxi Driving Tips

Safe taxi driving

1). The November – February period is a time of poor driving conditions. It is a good idea to give your car a health-check to catch any issues with the car that you haven’t noticed. A one-off check isn’t enough – it is important to perform regular checks on the vehicle to make sure that the tyres, lights and indicators and anti-freeze levels are working properly.

2). During the holiday festivities, there are numerous Christmas work parties, family gatherings and celebrations underway. With the risk of drunk party goers, ensure that you are alert and aware of your surroundings at all times (even when you are parked) to avoid accidents.

3). For your personal safety and to prevent abuse, size up your customer and assess risk – read their body language, assess them and act appropriately. There are numerous kinds of sophisticated radio and communications devices available – these will alert base if you are having any problems with your pick-up and can keep them informed about trouble in a particular area. Take extra care when travelling through notorious trouble spots.

4). It is always a good idea to prepare your routes in advance and a satellite navigation system can help you do this. A sat nav proves particularly useful when travelling down dangerous country roads as it will tell you what twists, turns and junctions are ahead.

5). During the holiday season, there can often be a rise in crime rates. Cash management is important to avoid conflict with members of the public who want to cause trouble. A good idea would be to drop off cash during your shift so that there is as little money as possible in your vehicle. Otherwise, keep cash in a secure box and out of sight.

6). With the temperature dropping over the holiday season, be aware of ice and react safely. Ice can be difficult to spot and is most likely to form during the coldest periods of the day (late evening and early morning). It may be worthwhile to fit your car with winter tyres to help improve handling driving over patches of ice and ensure the passengers safety.

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