5 Skiing Holiday Hotspots You Need to Book

5 Skiing Holiday Hotspots You Need to Book

For skiing holiday enthusiasts, the rush of soaring down a snowy mountain is nothing short of perfection. The combination of streaming sunshine, a chill in the air, and gleaming white mountains paints an enviable picture, and even the non-athletically inclined can appreciate the scenery (along with hot chocolate by a roaring fire of course!).

As winter sets in, you might have guessed that our thoughts are turning from warm summer holidays to booking a cosy skiing holiday, with these breath-taking ‘cold’-spots leaving us itching to book an adventurous skiing holiday right this minute…

Banff and Lake Louise, Canada

Banff and Lake Louise, two skiing towns nestled in the Rocky Mountains, benefit from a long skiing season (November to May) which means that whether you are tied to school holidays or prefer to travel off-peak, you won’t miss a chance to experience their three local mountain resorts – Banff Sunshine, The Lake Louise Ski Resort and Mt Norquay, which boast over 8,000 acres of prime skiing terrain between them. Our advice? Take the train through the mountains to get there. With exquisite, untouched scenery you won’t forget this skiing holiday in a hurry.

Dolomites, Italy

Italy doesn’t always spring to mind when you think of a skiing holiday, but the rugged, rocky Dolomites are a sight to behold. They are part of the world’s biggest ski network and what really sets them apart are the impressive limestone vertical peaks which shoot upward, unlike any other range. Don’t worry, skiing takes place at the bottom of the peaks close to a range of quaint mountain resorts to explore.

Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

Mount Ruapehu is home to New Zealand’s largest, most developed ski areas, Turoa and Whakapapa. Boasting magnificent areas for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, the unique alpine destination, built upon an active volcano, showcases wide open plains, rivers and awe-inspiring mountains. The sightseeing chairlift ride boasts the most amazing views of the winter playground and views across the Central North Island and beyond. Ahh…skiing holiday heaven.

Mount Olympus, Greece

Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, contains many charming and alluring features to create skiing magic. The sheer rocky peaks, the deep gorges and the thick forest is considered the home to the Gods of Greek mythology. Covered in snow for approximately seven months of the year, if you want scenes of unique beauty, this is the place to visit.

Cerro Castor, Argentina

Cerro Castor, in the city of Ushuaia, is the most southerly ski resort in the world. With yearlong icy conditions, the resort benefits from the longest ski season in South America. This “secret resort” offers classic alpine skiing, sleds and snowshoes to name just a few, and besides that, Cerro Castor’s remote feel and uncrowded slopes are perfect for those who seek adventure. Is it a winter wonderland you are after? If that’s the case, this is the ski destination for you.

Abbey Insurance Brokers

If skiing holidays leave you with cold feet (pardon the pun) then rest assured that we can ease your worries should you decide to embark on one. Abbey Travel Insurance can include winter sports cover, meaning that if you decide to take to the slopes and an accident occurs, you are in safe hands with us. Our policies also include medical cover and a 24-hour emergency assistance helpline, meaning that regardless of what happens or where you are, we’re always there to help. If you are embarking on a winter sports holiday soon, and would like to speak to our of our experienced advisors to arrange appropriate insurance before you go, please get a quote online or call 08000 66 55 44. We’d be happy to help.

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