The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

Moving House Checklist

Moving home has long been considered one of life’s biggest stresses, but it doesn’t have to be. You should be able to take time to enjoy moving home, instead of frantically packing cardboard boxes!

With all the chaos that you will likely face, it’s easy to forget some important tasks. We’ve compiled a checklist and some survival tips which might come in handy.

Ask Ask Ask!

Compiling a list of questions to ask the previous owner of your new home will make the moving process run smoothly, and help settle you into your new home.

Questions that are often overlooked but important to ask might be:

• Which days are the bins collected?
• Which company supplies energy, phone line and broadband (don’t forget to take meter readings when you move in to avoid being billed for the previous owner’s usage)?
• Where are the thermostat, main stopcock, gas and electricity meters?
• Who fitted the kitchen and bathroom furniture, tiles and flooring?
• What paint colour is on the walls and do you have any old tins?
• Have you left instruction manuals and warranties of electrical items?

Save time and money on removal costs

At Abbey, we love to help our customers save time and money on their insurance by searching the market and comparing quotes on their behalf. Removal companies should be no different!

Your individual circumstances will help inform the method of moving you choose. Maybe your car or hiring a van for a few hours will suffice for your first move, but in most cases you’ll probably need to enlist the help of a removal company. Don’t forget to compare quotes, you might just save yourself some much-needed money.

Abbey tip – if someone offers to help you pack and move, accept their help thankfully – don’t be a hero!

Re-direct your post

Royal Mail offer a postal redirection service, meaning you can be sure all your bills (and online shopping orders!) will make it safely to your new address.

It’s worth making a list of important companies and let them know your new address, such as: Banks, HMRC, Insurance Companies, DVLA, Pension Providers, Mobile Phone Company, Doctors Surgery, your Employers etc.

You should also deal with the old residents post straight away. If you open the door on move in day and there’s a pile of post that isn’t for you, you can’t legally open it and you shouldn’t bin it either.

Clean BEFORE you move

Hopefully the previous owners of your new pad will have given the place a good clean before they vacated, or if it’s a new build, you may find it’s full of dust! Giving yourself some time before move in day to give the place a deep clean will ensure you’re not left diving in and out of boxes with the hoover and duster on the day you move in properly.

Tips for a smooth move

Label Label Label – A good old sharpie pen will do the job. Mark each box you pack with which room they are for and a short description of what’s inside.
A number inventory might save your sanity – If you’re super organised, creating a numbered inventory of each box will help you make sure nothing gets left behind.
Freezer bags are your best friend – If you are moving furniture which needs dismantled, put the screws and bolts in freezer bags and tape the bags to the box. This ensures nothing goes missing and you can assemble your furniture at the other end (properly!).
Furniture first, boxes second – If you move all your boxes in first, you will only end up moving them around when the furniture arrives. Start with the furniture, and once you have this in the right place, then boxes can go around them. Trust us, this will save a lot of energy!
Build the bed – assuming you have one! The first thing to build on move in day should be your bed, you will be so thankful you did this first when you get to the end of the first day of moving!
Measure up – If you can get access to your new home prior to moving in, take the opportunity to go in and measure up. This way, you can get started straight away on furniture shopping. Larger furniture items can take weeks and sometimes months to be delivered after ordering, so if you can do this all in advance of moving in, it might save you sitting on a cardboard box for longer than necessary!

Abbey Insurance Brokers

Most importantly, don’t forget to protect your lovely new home. Our local experts can help you get a great deal on your home insurance, and we offer great optional extras with further protection, such as home emergency cover. Give our team a call on 08000 66 55 44 for a quote.


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