Three Ways to Keep Your Van Secure

Three Ways to Keep Your Van Secure

Vans are a great means of transport for both personal and business use. They allow you to carry more cargo which can come in handy when moving house, getting rid of bulky goods or delivering numerous packages. However, because vans typically store more goods than cars, they tend to be at higher risk to theft. Therefore, it’s vital you take action for your van’s security to protect both the vehicle and cargo.

Van Security

Here at Abbey Insurance we’ve outlined three ways to help keep your van safe!

Van Security features

When purchasing any vehicle make sure you review its existing security system. The number one security requirement is an alarm, which will help scare off any attempted robberies or vandals. You can also add additional features to your van to stop others driving off with it such as; an immobiliser, steering wheel locks, wheel nuts or handbrake locks.

We advise availing of warning stickers and Bonded Vehicle ID numbers on your dashboard to alert others that your van is protected.


During the day find parking areas that are well lit and have passing traffic, that way if there are any attempted break ins it is likely somebody will witness it. If you are leaving the van unattended get into a habit of checking it is securely locked and take any goods or equipment with you, especially at night.

Whether you use your van for personal or business use, make sure it is securely locked and parked in a safe place.

Van Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents and theft do occur, so it’s vital you have van insurance in place to provide you with protection in times of need. When taking out van insurance consider what your van will be used for, the mileage you will cover and the contents of your vehicle.

If you use your van for business, find out if your policy will provide you with a replacement van if yours is damaged or stolen.

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