Top 2018 Car Trends

Top 2018 Car Trends

When a New Year rolls around one of the highlights at Abbey Insurance HQ is hearing what new trends might be on the horizon for areas we specialise in, like cars. We currently insure one in every five cars in Northern Ireland so naturally we pay close attention to developments in the field which could be of interest to our drivers.

2018 is on course to be the year of car technology. Cars have changed a lot since first emerging on the scene in the 19th century, and the car of tomorrow is looking increasingly like a moving computer instead of a workhorse. Below we’ve narrowed down our pick of the top 2018 car trends, so you can keep an eye out for them on the roads…

Top 2018 Car Trends

Personalised Navigation Systems

Chances are that if you’ve driven somewhere new recently, you might have used a navigation system to get there. Whether it’s a standalone device or an app on your phone, drivers rely on the technology every day to find addresses, judge distances and explore new places. In 2018, car designers will move these systems up a notch, with many models incorporating built-in navigation systems personalised to your specification – whether that’s through the use of your name or a particular voice.

New car trends

In-Car Wifi

It’s hard to find a spot without wifi these days and cars look set to be jumping on the bandwagon too. While we have long been able to purchase portable wireless routers to carry around with us, some cars on the market will now have wifi built right into them. When they are in motion, passengers can tap into the wifi through their smartphones, tablets or laptops, and not pay a penny. Of course the specifics vary depending on the car model you go for, but it’s a big step towards being constantly connected!

Rise in Electric Cars

The popularity of electric vehicles shows no signs of slowing down in 2018 as an increased number of people turn to eco-friendly models. Their long list of benefits is well-publicised – not only are electric vehicles better for the environment, but they are cheaper to run and cost less to maintain. If you, like many, are still a bit in the dark about what an electric car is, and what types are available, then start by reading our guide to electric cars.

Autonomous Vehicles

Also known as driverless cars, autonomous vehicles are capable of sensing their environment and navigating obstacles without the need for an active driver. What does that mean for you? Well, you actually become pretty useless. This technology is handy for those who are often on the road, or who frequently travel long journeys and could be affected by exhaustion. And don’t think it’s just for private cars – buses, trains and taxis could all become autonomous in the not-so-distant future.

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