Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids

Travelling with kids will always be daunting and can be filled with potential worries – everything from what to pack, to how to get there. We’ve enlisted the help of some of the parents who work for Abbey Insurance, to share their tips for travelling with kids!

Travelling with kids tips

Don’t over pack in a panic

Remember that most items can be purchased abroad, so don’t stress about making sure you have packed everything. If you forget something, or run out of supplies while you’re away, you’re sure to be nearby to a local convenience store. It might not be the brand you are used to, but you’ll manage!

Plan your flights

This may sound a bit over the top, but if it’s ease you are after when travelling with kids, it might be worth researching and planning flights around bedtime. Causing as little disruption to your child’s routine can make a huge difference.

It’s also worth considering, that whilst using a low-cost airline carrier can be tempting, often they fly in to more remote airports, meaning more travel time on the other side.

Be aware that different airlines have different rules about flying with children, some charge for one service, while on another airline, the same service could be free. It’s worth checking this out before you travel to avoid any surprises when you arrive at the airport.

Holiday rental vs hotel?

Both have their perks and drawbacks, ultimately the decision will be informed by several factors including budget, location and the type of holiday you are going on. Hotels have extra perks such as room service, kids’ clubs and often all-inclusive meals. However, if your child has a special dietary requirement, by using a holiday rental you can prepare all your own meals. Whichever option you go for, do some research about the surrounding area. If there are a lot of steps or steep hills, this won’t be suitable for pushing buggies!

Pool vs sea?

You might want to consider making sure your hotel has a swimming pool, as well as close access to the beach. Whilst most kids love the sand on the beach, some really don’t like it, so it is best to have access to both options! Swimming pools with a dedicated toddler section will also be ideal for your little ones to cool down.

Research your destination

Depending on the destination, you may need to arrange passports, travel visas and jabs. Make sure you research what your child needs as although they are only small, they may need a visa too.

Check in online and leave plenty of time

To minimise queuing at the airport, one of the easiest options is to check in online, then all that is left to do at the airport is drop off your luggage and go through security. Checking in online may also enable you to choose seats, meaning all the family can sit together. It goes without saying that you should make sure you leave plenty of time before your flight to avoid having to rush through the airport with children. If travelling from Belfast, it’s worth double checking which airport you are flying out off too – plenty of people have been caught out in the past!

Pack wisely and do your research

Some airlines will count your baby changing bag as a piece of hand luggage, so make sure you’ve got everything you need inside including toys, games, snacks, extra clothes, medicine etc. It’s also worth factoring in any delays that you might experience, so you have enough supplies to last you a few extras hours if needed. If you have any space to spare, our advice is to fill it with baby wipes! As one parent told us, you can never have enough snacks and baby wipes when travelling with kids. Using a backpack as hand luggage is also a top tip, this ensures you have both hands free. Packing some sucking sweets is also a good idea to help your toddler cope with the pressure in the cabin during take-off and landing.

Plan, but don’t over plan

You want to have enough activities planned to keep the children entertained, but you still want to have some flexibility. If you are booking day excursions, it’s worth planning them every other day, to give the kids (and you!) a day to recover by the pool.

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If you’re planning on travelling with kids, or maybe you’re escaping from the kids for a break, ensure you are covered for the unexpected with Travel Insurance from Abbey Insurance Brokers. Contact our team on 08000 66 55 44 for a competitive travel quote or get a quote and instant cover online today.


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