Top Tips to Reduce the Cost of Van Insurance

Top Tips to Reduce the Cost of Van Insurance

Whatever type of van you have, and whatever you use it for, it is important to keep the cost of van insurance as low as possible; that way, you can keep more of the profits you make! Insurance quotes can differ significantly, so Abbey Insurance have listed some top tops to consider when trying to find the best van insurance quotes in Northern Ireland.

The Van


You can get lower insurance in some cases by fitting a steering lock, alarm, or engine immobiliser to your van. Fitting a tracker can also lower the cost of premiums. Try to avoid any modifications that aren’t security-related, they can make your van more expensive to replace and repair, and can sometimes attract thieves.

Apply your no-claims bonus

No-claims bonuses reduce the costs of your insurance. Also, if this is your first van, some insurers may let you transfer a no-claims bonus from your car.


Larger vans and vans with high-performance engines are usually more expensive to insure.


Where you park your van overnight also has an impact on prices; if you can, keep it in a garage or a secure lock-up.

The Van Insurance

Payment terms

Even increasing the amount you’ll have to pay in the event of an accident by £50 can lower premiums significantly. If you can, pay your insurance annually, to avoid monthly interest charges.

Occupation and use

Accurately describe what the van is used for. Is it for business or personal use? Do you carry valuable contents? Also, accurately describe your occupation, as some job titles result in higher premiums.

Additional drivers

Sometimes an additional driver can lower van insurance costs, but at other times, particularly when the additional driver is under 25, prices will increase.

Visit a local broker

Abbey Insurance is a van insurance specialist in NI. We have been insuring van drivers in Northern Ireland for over 40 years, and we know the local market. Don’t leave it to the last minute to sort out insurance on your van. Contact us today for your Van Insurance quote and take a look at our step-by-step van insurance comparison guide.

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