Travel Insurance – Insure Before You Go

Travel Insurance – Insure Before You Go

Travel Insurance: Insure Before You Go

Life is unpredictable. You might be the type of person who plans a trip right down to the last second, but it can all be for nothing if you decide against taking out travel insurance and something goes wrong. Here are five reasons why you should never go on holiday without being insured:

1. Holiday Cancellations

No matter how organised you are, sometimes you just have to cancel a trip. Whether you lose your job unexpectedly, someone falls ill the week before you leave, or you get called up for jury duty; it’s always a heart-wrenching decision to cancel your holiday. With travel insurance, you can at least avoid the hefty cancellation fees and get your money back.

2. Lost luggage

Did you know that lost luggage normally takes five days to be returned to its owner? If your luggage disappears at the airport or at the start of your holiday, you could end up spending five days in a foreign country with no clothes, toiletries, or medication. If you have travel insurance, your policy will cover the cost of replacing your missing items.

3. Medical attention

It’s easy to forget how much healthcare costs when you’re used to the comfort of the NHS; medical fees outside of the UK can be astronomical. Travel insurance will cover the fees, as well as any other costs should you have to stay longer or cut your trip short due to illness. Some policies will also pay compensation if you have an accident that results in the loss of limbs, sight, or hearing.

4. Lost documents and money

Whether you’re staying in a hostel or a five star hotel, there is always a chance of burglary. If your room is broken in to, your cash, passports, and other documents, such as plane tickets, are all at risk. Having travel insurance in place means that your money will be covered, and your documents replaced as quickly as possible.

5. Peace of mind

Going on holiday can be a stressful experience. If you’re taking the whole family with you, you’ll have plenty to fret about, without also worrying about what could happen while you’re away. By taking out a travel insurance policy with Abbey Insurance, you can leave the worry behind and enjoy a stress free holiday.


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