6 of the Most Unusual Things People Have Ever Insured

6 of the Most Unusual Things People Have Ever Insured

In your lifetime, you expect to pay for home insurance, car insurance, and travel insurance if you are a bit of an explorer. But what if you came into contact with something so valuable to you that you felt you needed an extra bit of reassurance were you ever to lose it? We’ve taken a look at some of the most unusual insurance policies – and some of them might surprise you…

Unusual Insurance Policies

1.) Taste buds

Man having a barbecue in the rain with his umbrella.

A famous food critic from the 1950s once insured his taste buds for an eye-watering $400,000 (imagine that with inflation)! We hope no one ever served him piping hot food…

2.) Weather

Yes, you read that correctly – some people have taken out insurance in the past to protect them against bad weather, should it ruin their holiday or pre-arranged plans. We can’t imagine that working in Northern Ireland – the weather every day is questionable!

3.) Chest Hair

Before he was a stalwart of The Voice, Sir Tom Jones was something of a ladies man. While crooning hits like ‘What’s New Pussycat’ contributed to his global fame, he thought one of his most valuable assets was his particularly hairy chest, so much so that he actually had it insured. Who are we to judge?!

4.) Wedding

When you think about it, insuring your wedding isn’t a half-bad idea? It’s a big investment, and should you get jilted at the altar, it would be handy to know that your money won’t go down the drain. Before you ask – it’s not something we offer!

5.) Giant Cigar

An insurance policy was once drawn up by Lloyd’s of London to cover the ‘World’s Largest Cigar’ (at the time). It was over 12 feet long and made up of over $15,000 tobacco leaves.

6.) Legs

Various supermodels and actresses over the years have reportedly insured what they consider their most valuable asset – their legs. German supermodel Heidi Klum is one such person, as is iconic film star Betty Grable. Hey, if you’ve got it!

Abbey Insurance Brokers

If you don’t have anything *ahem* unusual in your life to insure, but would like to discuss some of the more traditional insurance policies, then give our experienced team a call on 08000 66 55 44 or get a quote online. At Abbey Insurance Brokers, we offer the following insurance policies through our wide range of insurance providers:

And if it is in fact something unexpected you’d like to insure, then we’d be happy to discuss sourcing policies to suit your individual needs.

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