10 Tricks to Improve Your Static Caravan Interiors

10 Tricks to Improve Your Static Caravan Interiors

The world of static caravan interiors may conjure up off-putting images of MDF, laminate, “jolly” upholstery patterns and functional living, but you don’t need to settle for that look. There are a few simple things you can do to improve your static caravan’s interior and maximise your holiday space. Here are our tips to help you overhaul your home away from home:

Caravan Interiors

Colour scheme

The easiest way to improve your static caravan interiors. Our favourite trick is to choose one or a few very similar colours throughout to give a feeling of space and light. When it comes to dark or stained woods and laminates, re-painting can bring an unbelievable new lease of life. Remove all doors, sand down, use a primer and then a topcoat, and be prepared to give it a few coats. Go for shades of whites, neutrals, or light greys. You can inject colour with accessories.


It’s all about storage. The better planned out your storage is, the more you can enjoy your caravan space. Look around and see all the wasted spaces and make use of them. Whether it’s inserting a small storage unit in the bathroom, building in additional under bench seating storage or using hanging storage on the back of doors, you’ll appreciate the space when it comes to spending more time in your caravan. And don’t be afraid to use the space right up to the ceiling – it’s all within reach.


If you can afford to replace flooring through the mobile home, choose one single flooring for the whole space. Options for beautiful flooring tiles and really convincing wood-effect laminates are plentiful now, so do your research and find something you love.

If replacing flooring is too costly, consider how to continue your colour scheme through the home and cover up some parts of the floor using different sizes of rugs. We like choosing one pattern in various sizes and integrating them throughout the home to give a sense of continuity.


Lighting is a great way to change the feeling of a caravan. Removing bright white strip lights and integrating softer lighting or open filament lighting can really modernise your space and make it feel more welcoming. Using low voltage lighting under counters and bringing in more table lamps will immediately create a warmer and more relaxed interior.


If you’ve chosen neutrals for your colour scheme, fabrics for curtains, soft furnishings and uphostery are your next stop. Choose a bolder pattern from the same colour palette and use it on curtains or blinds and then stick to neutrals for sofa and chair upholstery. You can bring in patterns and brighter shades in your throw cushions.

Keep in mind that the worst wear and tear will be on the seating area, so pattern here is a great way to camouflage mucky paws and spillages. If your caravan is home to youngsters, it may well be worth deploying a series of washable throws to protect your seating fabric and a pretty oilcloth rather than a fabric tablecloth is much lower maintenance for cleanups, indoors or out.


Every interior designer’s top tip: integrate mirrors into your space to pull in your design and also to give an illusion of light and increased space. Essential.

Outside space

Our current obsession is inside / outside living. Whatever outside space you have, make use of it. Find comfortable and practical exterior seating and continue your colour scheme outside. Pot your favourite herbs and hardy perennials in heavy pots and create a little oasis.  You’ll be amazed what a difference a few of pots of flowering bedding plants can make as a welcome to your home from home.

Ask for advice

If you’re considering making bigger changes, like a deck or sunroom, consult with an expert. Basic DIY might be doable, but anything more structural or technical, bring in the right people to help you. You should also consult your insurance company to make sure you know what you’re covered for.

Abbey Insurance Brokers

Whether you’re making a few cosmetic improvements to your static caravan or thinking of something grander, make sure you are covered with insurance from Abbey. Contact our team of experts for practical and expert advice by calling 08000 66 55 44.

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