Working from home – top tips!

Working from home – top tips!

Working from home – top tips!

Working from home

It’s vital for all of us to focus on how we stay productive both for our emotional and our physical wellbeing. We’ve put together some top tips for staying sane while working from home!

Have a positive mindset

-Try some exercise (maybe 20 minutes of the Joe Wicks The Body Coach), an inspirational podcast, meditation or even just 5 minutes of quiet time. This will help set you up for the day with a positive attitude.

-Treat the day like a normal workday. Routine works. Set your alarm, get showered, dressed (not back into your PJs!) and be ready to start on time.

-Make sure you have a comfortable work space for the day.

Keep your productivity up

-Write a daily “to do” list (but make sure it’s realistic for the current situation).

-Manage distractions – make rules and stick to them. For example: stay off social media or leave housework until breaks. If you are looking after others in the household, make sure to share the shifts. Also remember that  your kids/ dogs/cats etc. will make noise, and that’s fine. Everyone is in the same boat. Just go with it!

-Remember to ask for help if and when you need it.

Stay Connected!

-Probably the most important! Especially if you’re a sociable type as we won’t have those daily interactions that we take for granted.

-Ensure you are part of team conference calls, Skypes, emails etc. Make sure you know what’s going on.

-Schedule a call daily with someone who makes you laugh and do the same for someone else. Don’t just rely on email!

Nurture your Physical Wellbeing

-It’s too easy to forget to eat well and drink enough water when you’re buried in your laptop.

-Keep your energy levels up and protect your health.

-Move every 30/45 minutes (use an alarm if needed); Stretch and make sure you stay hydrated.

-Get some fresh air, open the window.

-Eat healthily (obviously with the odd treat!)

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