Your Essential Motorbike Wardrobe Checklist

Your Essential Motorbike Wardrobe Checklist

If you’re a motorbike novice and just starting out, there’s one thing all new enthusiasts must have in common – the right motorbike clothing. It’s not about style (though that certainly helps), great motorbike gear is essential in keeping you safe when you’re out on the open road.  Before you venture out on your first great escape, make sure you’ve ticked every box on our motorbike wardrobe checklist.

Motorbike Clothing


Let’s start at the very beginning. A great helmet is one of the most important pieces of motorbike clothing you can own. Sure, it suggests an air of mystery and looks super cool, but crucially, it can save your life. If an unfortunate accident happens and you come off your bike, your helmet will help to protect you. Make sure you always purchase a new helmet instead of using a second-hand or damaged one, and that it fits snugly, keeping in mind that it will loosen over time. Equip with good quality googles that are frequently cleaned with soap and water and aim to change your helmet every five years.


Motorbike jackets come in two types – leather and textile. Leather is your traditional look, helping you blend in with the pack, but a heavy textile can do exactly the same job (sometimes at a fraction of the price). The purpose of the jacket is to protect everything below your neck, including your arms, organs, back and ribs. A good jacket should also be waterproof and ventilated, to help your body temperature adjust. When picking a jacket, make sure it fits snugly but still has room for under layers.


Your type of glove depends on the weather. If it’s warm outside, then leather might be your best option. Alternatively, colder weather calls for heavier fabric and perhaps an inside lining. Make sure your gloves cover your wrists and leave no skin exposed between your wrist and jacket sleeve that could be damaged in an accident. Also, before purchasing any gloves, test them on your bike. Are the comfortable, do they fit the handles, are they secure?


Some riders opt for motorbike suits as opposed to a separate jacket and trouser combination. If you prefer the latter, then go for trousers slightly longer than your traditional leg to allow for bent knees. A longer leg also protects against rain water seeping in between your trousers and your boots. Finally, always make sure your trousers incorporate pockets, and can easily be worn with chunky boots. Everything needs to fit together perfectly!


Of primary concern when picking great motorbike boots is to make sure they cover your ankles. This not only protects your feet if you come off of the bike, but also stops rainwater seeping in. You don’t need to invest in strictly ‘motorbike’ boots, as long as your chosen boots are sturdy ‘work’ boots they should be fine. Just be mindful that they will need to change gears as well!

Abbey Insurance Brokers

Investing in great motorbike clothing helps ensure your safety on a motorbike, but so does great motorbike insurance. Our expert Abbey advisors are on hand to offer excellent advice on the dos and don’ts of motorbike policies. Give them a ring on 028 9332 5902.

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